Who We Are


Your fastest, cost effective and easiest way to safety solutions.

AmaBush safety solutions is a fast growing company located in the city of Johannesburg and growing throughout the African continent.An innovative and client devoted company supplying safety solutions all around South Africa.

We are mainly here to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers and to make sure we deliver on time and efficiently.

Our stuff members are well trained and have been in the industry for over three years. We are able to satisfy our clients through delivering quality authenticated goods, as well as making sure on meeting targets and deadlines.

Amabush Solutions offers Personal Protective Equipment such as:

Emergency Response Supplies, Traffic Control Products, First Aid, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Head Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hand Protection, Protective Safety Clothing, Medical Protective Clothing, Foot Protection, Fall Protection, Chemical Handling Safety Products, Facilities Safety, Traffic Safety, Safety Glasses, Freezer Wear, Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, Brooms and Brushes, Industrial Rags, Overalls, Dust Coats and so much more.

We are a growing company supplying all types of safety goods including head, ear, foot and body protection. We are like the burning bush from the bible , which was found by Moses. The bush that resisted fire.

Amabush is here to stay.As long as you are with us, the fire can be burn but our products will be your shield. When you use Amabush you are assured of full protection and quality garments that do not tear quickly that are capable to withstand harsh working conditions.

Amabush will continue to protect human kind from all kind of all dangers that are found in the various industries and environments our clients work in.

Be like the burning bush that withstands fire

Trust Amabush , Zero Degree burns !!

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